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After a long day, it’s nice to know that your personalized smart home is there to provide optimal comfort and enjoyment. From pre-set mood lighting scene to let you catch up on the latest show, to the perfect room temperature on a cold rainy night, your personalized smart home should be smart and savvy like you. Personalized comfort also means that you’re not giving quality. Monomi Automation provides tailored made and personalized smart home automation solutions without compromising internet bandwidth or connectivity. So whether you’re planning to smarten one room or the whole house, Monomi has the ideal smart home solution for you.

Every homeowner and their home is unique, so your smart home should be no different. At Monomi, we feel that your smart home should be a reflection and extension to your lifestyle, so we work with you to develop smart solutions that will provide the convenience and comfort for your active lifestyle. Monomi Automation works with you to turn your ordinary home to a smart home.

Smart Home Renovation personalized for you

Without compromise, you expect the best for you and your home. Smart home comfort and convenient does not mean that you’ll have to sacrifice speed or connectivity for your gadgets. Monomi Automation solve this by providing smart home system that does not interfere with your existing home or it’s internet or wifi capability. So go ahead and stream the latest show in 4K and change the lighting scene at the same time, it will simply work.

Smart home systems integrated with everything in your home

To simplify everyday living in your smart home, Monomi Automation focuses on providing centralized control and intuitive inputs to work with minimal manual interaction. If changes is needed, a single app can be useful to make any adjustments, instead of a library of apps.

Smart home system that is easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can, we will work with our electricians to make the system work smoothly so you existing home gets smarter.

Lights, Blinds, Temperature, TVs, Switches, Music, Locks, Alarms, Sensors, Garage Doors, Pools, Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Motors, Pumps, etc. Monomi’s programming & electrical team can automate almost everything you can turn on/off.

Yes, using wireless technology we can easily setup an alarm system with no monthly fee for you.

When you are designing your dream home, automation allows it to truly come alive. An automation team can get involved at any stage BEFORE electrical lines have been put in.  We can work with your designers, contractors, builders, electricians and architects to help you realize the automated home for your future.

No. Unlike other home automation systems, Monomi works with the Loxone Home Automation System, the free app, multiple online tutorial videos, and reliable hardware make it so you don’t need to update your house in the future to increase “functionality”. Loxone uses a modular systems allowing to easily increase functionality without having to buy a new systems computer every time.

Monomi uses Loxone as our primary Home Automation System because of it’s reliability in the long term. Loxone does not use the internet or cloud for anything, instead it acts as a brain for your house inside your house talking to all your devices, so even if you have no internet, and Loxone or the internet shuts down you can rest assured that your home will still keep working exactly how we set it up from the beginning!

Yup, you have no design limitations when working with Monomi, pick the light switch of your dream and we can make it work with your home automation system. Book a consultation to make sure, as some manufacturers do not allow integration with their devices.

Making inspiring spaces

We see every project as a chance to simplify and improve everyday living for everyday people.

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