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Builders have to stay up-to-date with technology to ensure they are building the best homes for their clients. At Monomi Automation we work directly with builders and their existing trade relationships to ensure the most cost effective, energy reducing and client centric automation solutions on their projects. When implementing home automation, it is important that the system works without the internet (cloud free) so when showing the home, it has complete functionality for potential home-owners. As such Monomi focuses only on  multiple cloud-free automation solutions, so the newly built homes aren’t left waiting for internet connections to function. In addition, we help builders provide additional support to their end clients, we our free end client follow-up, so you can be sure that after you’ve sold your house, the homeowners has the appropriate technical and knowledge support to fully maximize their home automation system.

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Automation can work with any existing lighting system, but for best results, we recommend the Loxone’s Tree Wiring Connection. Loxone’s smart lighting technology can reduce wiring by up to 80%, resulting in cost savings and increased homeowner satisfaction. Best of all, Loxone Tree can be easily installed by your existing trades which will ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. Monomi you can feel comfortable using any existing lighting system you have in your building. However for ultimate cost savings and increased client satisfaction we recommended using Loxone’s Tree LED connection. Not only does the system used 80% less wiring and can be easily installed by your existing trades to allow seamless light control for your end customers. For scaled down home lighting control automation designs (or solutions), Monomi has partnered with leading lighting automation providers in both Europe and the United States to provide you with UL approved automated light solutions that will amaze your customers, and position you as the builder of the future. Regardless of your project or budget, our team at Monomi Automation can help you easily find and implement the best Smart Lighting system for your new home projects. 

Low voltage automation

Instead of worrying about how many zones to setup your project, call the Monomi Home Automation team in. We can provide precision control to ensure that your entire project is zoned per room, so you don’t need to worry about creating multiple zones and installing multiple thermostats. With Monomi, each light switch is a thermostat, humidity sensor, night light and has 5 switches functionality, so you have to run less wires, and your customers feels true comfort with your project. Homes built with a Home Automation System, like Loxone’s, will ensure their owners will never wake up to a cold or hot house and never have to worry about thermostats again.

Builder discussing home automation with their home automation teamBuilder discussing home automation with their home automation team

Automating blinds is now becoming standard in home buildings, working with Monomi will ensure that your blinds behave seamlessly with the rest of your home, and that your client feels like they’ve received a completely customized and futuristic home. Where rollers, shutters, horizontal, or vertical blinds, we can work with your blind provider to completely automate them so they know when to let light in and when not to. With Monomi, each home your build will be smart and ready for the future. 

Blind and climate home automation

Monomi stands out by providing exceptional service to our customers, so after you finish building a house, you can rest comfortably knowing that Monomi will step in and work with the client to completely customize the automation system to their needs. This allows you to focus on building the home, and implementing the best system possible for your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can, we will work with our electricians to make the system work smoothly so you existing home gets smarter.

Lights, Blinds, Temperature, TVs, Switches, Music, Locks, Alarms, Sensors, Garage Doors, Pools, Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Motors, Pumps, etc. Monomi’s programming & electrical team can automate almost everything you can turn on/off.

Yes, using wireless technology we can easily setup an alarm system with no monthly fee for you.

When you are designing your dream home, automation allows it to truly come alive. An automation team can get involved at any stage BEFORE electrical lines have been put in.  We can work with your designers, contractors, builders, electricians and architects to help you realize the automated home for your future.

No. Unlike other home automation systems, Monomi works with the Loxone Home Automation System, the free app, multiple online tutorial videos, and reliable hardware make it so you don’t need to update your house in the future to increase “functionality”. Loxone uses a modular systems allowing to easily increase functionality without having to buy a new systems computer every time.

Monomi uses Loxone as our primary Home Automation System because of it’s reliability in the long term. Loxone does not use the internet or cloud for anything, instead it acts as a brain for your house inside your house talking to all your devices, so even if you have no internet, and Loxone or the internet shuts down you can rest assured that your home will still keep working exactly how we set it up from the beginning!

Yup, you have no design limitations when working with Monomi, pick the light switch of your dream and we can make it work with your home automation system. Book a consultation to make sure, as some manufacturers do not allow integration with their devices.

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