Do You Want to Design Your Perfect New Home?

Building a new home is a great way to customize your living space to suit the needs of you and your family. With an integrative smart home automation solutions from Monomi Automation, we help you make your new home even better by simplify everyday living to help you save time on mundane tasks such as switching light on/off and adjusting the thermostat. Our smart home automation solution focuses on smart, sleek, and seamless designs so that you have more quality time with your family.

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Monomi’s smart home automation solution are fully customizable and can be designed to suit your family lifestyle. Personalization features such as lighting scenes for different activities or climate control based on time of day & weather are just some of the examples that can help with your busy daily life. Every steps of the way from pre-planning, installation, and training, Monomi will be there to ensure you are getting the most of your new smart home automation system.

Stylish and sleek design comes hand in hand with our smart home system. Monomi partners with award winning, European designed and manufactured home automation technology to provide you with the highest of quality products and solution. Loxone, Europe’s leading smart home automation technology company has consistently been recognized for their well designed and innovative approach to smart home technology.

Elegantly designed home automation solutions that just work, like Loxone surface touch make for a waterproof switch

Home automation is so much more than just a simple control on an app or control panel. A true smart home automation is one that is intuitive and automated to your lifestyle, without having to interact or interfere with the control panels unless you want. It simply works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lights, Blinds, Temperature, TVs, Switches, Music, Locks, Alarms, Sensors, Garage Doors, Pools, Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Motors, Pumps, etc. Monomi’s programming & electrical team can automate almost everything you can turn on/off.

When you are designing your dream home, automation allows it to truly come alive. An automation team can get involved at any stage BEFORE electrical lines have been put in.  We can work with your designers, contractors, builders, electricians and architects to help you realize the automated home for your future.

No. Unlike other home automation systems, Monomi works with the Loxone Home Automation System, the free app, multiple online tutorial videos, and reliable hardware make it so you don’t need to update your house in the future to increase “functionality”. Loxone uses a modular systems allowing to easily increase functionality without having to buy a new systems computer every time.

Monomi uses Loxone as our primary Home Automation System because of it’s reliability in the long term. Loxone does not use the internet or cloud for anything, instead it acts as a brain for your house inside your house talking to all your devices, so even if you have no internet, and Loxone or the internet shuts down you can rest assured that your home will still keep working exactly how we set it up from the beginning!

Yup, you have no design limitations when working with Monomi, pick the light switch of your dream and we can make it work with your home automation system. Book a consultation to make sure, as some manufacturers do not allow integration with their devices.

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We see every project as a chance to simplify and improve everyday living for everyday people.

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