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Living in a home shouldn’t mean you have to run around the house to make sure the lights are turned off, or the temperature is turned down. We help you reduce your home’s energy footprint by automating temperature, lights, ventilation, blinds and energy generation. There are many other ways that automation can help you reduce your footprint, like activating heat, circulation pumps, monitoring tank levels, collecting rainwater based on temperature, etc. In addition to ensure off-grid functionality we work only with systems that are cloud-free so your house doesn’t need the internet to be smart.

Automation Focused on Energy Efficiency

Just because you want an energy efficient home does not mean you have to have to forgo style or live without light. Using LED Bulbs and/or Low voltage (24V) lights with warm, cool or colour LEDs, will give you the right amount of light without the same environmental footprint as typical 120V lights. In addition, we prefer using Loxone build LEDs that are estimated to last up to 25 years, providing you for efficient lighting control well into the future. Regardless of the light, our team at Monomi Automation can help you easily transform and personalize your home to a Smart, Comfortable and Energy efficient home. 

Low voltage automation

Comfort is one of the most sought after feelings homeowners want in their homes. This is primarily achieved through climate control, but even with the smart thermostats in the marketplace, your house can only be so smart. Using an Integrative Automation System for your entire house, lets you control the climate in all rooms precisely, so you don’t need to rely on hardwired zones, instead your house is energy efficient and comfortable whenever you are in it. Never wake up to a cold or hot house, never have to worry about thermostats again, through Automation your home will always know what temperature to be at.

Home Automation System provides perfect climate control

To make your home truly smart, you need to have off grid energy supply to your home. Through Green Smart Home automation solutions, we can easily program your house to track and manage energy usage and load supply. Best of all if you use 24v lights your house can be powered directly from your solar panels, and you need not worry about unnecessary wastage at conversion.  With low powered home automation systems you can easily control your house, and make sure it’s thinking green to help you reduce your footprint. 

Green Wall irrigation controlled by atuomation

Frequently Asked Questions

Lights, Blinds, Temperature, TVs, Switches, Music, Locks, Alarms, Sensors, Garage Doors, Pools, Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Motors, Pumps, etc. Monomi’s programming & electrical team can automate almost everything you can turn on/off.

When you are designing your dream home, automation allows it to truly come alive. An automation team can get involved at any stage BEFORE electrical lines have been put in.  We can work with your designers, contractors, builders, electricians and architects to help you realize the automated home for your future.

No. Unlike other home automation systems, Monomi works with the Loxone Home Automation System, the free app, multiple online tutorial videos, and reliable hardware make it so you don’t need to update your house in the future to increase “functionality”. Loxone uses a modular systems allowing to easily increase functionality without having to buy a new systems computer every time.

Monomi uses Loxone as our primary Home Automation System because of it’s reliability in the long term. Loxone does not use the internet or cloud for anything, instead it acts as a brain for your house inside your house talking to all your devices, so even if you have no internet, and Loxone or the internet shuts down you can rest assured that your home will still keep working exactly how we set it up from the beginning!

Yup, you have no design limitations when working with Monomi, pick the light switch of your dream and we can make it work with your home automation system. Book a consultation to make sure, as some manufacturers do not allow integration with their devices.

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