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Businesses invested thousands of dollars in their assets to ensure their businesses run smoothly, at Monomi we help reduce the stress and worrying by your operations team to make sure your investments are properly monitored, controlled or automated. We can easily send notifications over email or cellphone to notify the appropriate team members of any changes to sensors and inputs that you need to monitor. For example, this can mean controlling the temperature, lights, fridges, pumps, valves, door locks, generators or video cameras. Contact us to get a free consultation of how automation can help reduce worry and stress and allow your team to stay focused on your business.

Loxone used in commercial environment

Lights can become a large cost for day to day operations. Through smart lighting automation, we can easily control your lighting systems, whether it’s centralite, DMX or Dali, we can easily control your existing light controllers to make them more efficient and less costly for your business operations.  Best of all through smart lighting solutions your office can increase employee morale by making for a more enjoyable workplace.

Commercial Office Automation

Monomi provides automation support across north America. Due to this vastness of experience we can help Vancouver and Yellowknife based business easily implement smart automation in their buildings. Using a reliable, low powered, PLC board we can easily control relays, switches, motors, pumps, controls, and easily provide inputs from almost every digital and analogues sensor. So whether you want want to turn something on remotely, see if something is running or automatically turn fridge, motor, standby items on/off based on certain criteria, Monomi can help you achieve this.

Commercial Lighting Automation

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